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Spring Clean-up

What a difference fresh mulch can make. Mulch helps retain moisture, control weeds & Fresh mulch really looks great.

Spring Clean-up

This 2 yr. old landscape that we installed is ready for a spring clean-up.

Spring Clean-up

Pruning, Edging, Fertilizing all takes place before a fresh layer of mulch is installed.


Spring clean-up at the end of march. Beautiful Aristocrat Pear tree.


Spring clean-up. Notice the lavender flowering phlox.


This landscape needs a complete makeover.


Here we have removed all shrubs & roots. Hauled away al debris.

Landscape completed

This house needed simple, low maintenance plantings. I like to incorporate fragrant, flowering shrubs along with some evergreens in every design.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Landscaping takes a special kind of love. Love that expresses itself in a rejoicing way. An unspoken but unmistakable message of peace like a sanctuary of priceless treasure. The hours spent are repaid in countless oments of tranquility that needs no words.

- "Brent Lewis"