Materials Inventory

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Landscaping Materials

We have our own inventory of stone for all landscaping job-sites.

Nursery Stock

we have thousands of green Velvet Boxwood along with hundreds of burning bush shrubs available.

Top-Soil Building

We have our own building to ensure that all processed top-soil is dry & available for landscape projects.

Color all season

A gorges Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple tree leafing out in early april. I know how to incorporate color & leaf texture into any landscape. Nice specimen plant.


Limestone boulders being delivered to our nursery.


Limestone boulders, some weighing up to 1000 lbs. I know how to blend boulders into landscape designs. I like natural God created beauty.


Separated limestone boulders so I can find the right boulder for your specific job-site.

Mulch delivery

Semi-truck with mulch delivery by our top-soil building.

Mulch delivery

a Semi-truck unloading 80 cubic yards of Black Gold mulch at our nursery.

Mulch inventory

Black Gold Mulch is a double processed hard bark wood product. There is no filler material from tub-grindings. Highest quality mulch available.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Landscaping takes a special kind of love. Love that expresses itself in a rejoicing way. An unspoken but unmistakable message of peace like a sanctuary of priceless treasure. The hours spent are repaid in countless oments of tranquility that needs no words.

- "Brent Lewis"