Hosta Forest

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Spring Clean-up

Early march, star magnolia beginning to bloom. We apply herbicides, fertilizers, edge beds before mulch installation.


I create natural landscapes for every season including winter. This looks like any woods in nature.


20 years ago this was a lawn with only 3 trees. I have enjoyed creating this half acre woods planting thousands of hostas, while creating fallen limbs, trees & pathways. Harmony.


The fresh snow is so pure & peaceful resting on all the plantings in our Hosta Forrest. BEAUTIFUL Thanks be to GOD.


A fresh snow covers tree limbs & the ground at our Hosta forest.


Early march & I can not wait until all those lovely hosta begin to pop up through the leaves.

Spring is comming

These ferns are growing up through the leaves in our Hosta Forrest. They have a wonderful 24 inch leaf stem & love shade.

Spring time

When the ground temperatures rise the hosta begin to grow. An exciting time is coming. Notice the dwarf Japanese maple tree along with the dwarf Alberta spruce tree. Nice color contrast.

Spring color

Hosta forest coming to life. Much thought & effort went into walkway pavers, bird bath, Japanese maple with dwarf Alberta spruce. I am very proud of this creation here at Harmony house.


Many different hosta shape, sizes, colors, along with flower bloom.

Late springtime

These wonderful hosta are soon to cover the entire floor of my Hosta forest. Many different varieties & colors.

Late springtime

Notice the fern coming to life in the middle of our hosta forest. Also 2 chairs located by our fire pit to look upon Serenity lake. A great place to experience sun sets.

Late spring color

Joe the dog poses for a picture in our hosta forest where on a hot day, temperatures can be 10 - 15 degrees cooler.

Summer color

This granite boulder is a terrific contrast to all these hostas. My cat Charlie loves to sit on top of this rock where she is queen of the jungle.

Summer time

18 years ago this was all sunshine & lawn. Today this is one of my favorite photos. Trees & hostas all grown at my nursery. Tranquility & peace with harmony.

Summer time

Hostas in there full glory as they carpet the floor of my hosta forest.

Summer time

Here we can see granite boulder, bird feeder along with a bird bath. I have created a sanctuary where hundreds of birds can live in the trees. My cat Charlie also sits 7 watches the birds.

Summer time

I thank God for my gift to dream, to see, to design & create to plant what I can only describe as Spectacular. I give god all the glory! Praise be to God.

Summer color

My 8 yr. old grandson, Dillon Dabe helping me plant some annals in the sunny perimeter of the hosta forest.

Summer color

My dad & grandfather both taught me the value of hard work, and that it is o.k. to get your hands dirty. Now it is my turn to pass this on to my grandson dillon.


I have developed everything you see in this picture. 18 yrs. ago this wall all lawn with no trees. I have the ability to see finished results before the landscape ever begins.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Landscaping takes a special kind of love. Love that expresses itself in a rejoicing way. An unspoken but unmistakable message of peace like a sanctuary of priceless treasure. The hours spent are repaid in countless oments of tranquility that needs no words.

- "Brent Lewis"